A revolving fractaline yin/yang.
A developing Roguelike written in Processing: an attempt to fuse old-school chunkstyle 2D graphics with 3D perspective.
Crystal Cave:
My entry in the Ludum Dare 15 48-hour game competition (theme: "caverns"). Fly through a twisting cave, avoiding red crystals and collecting white ones. Each level gets faster.
A random city generator, in the style of an illustration by Chi Birmingham.
A frenetic arcade-style vertical-scrolling outer-space shootemup.
A fairly faithful remake of the classic computer game "Daleks." Escape growing hordes of evil robots by luring them into collisions.
A virtual petri-dish: drop food and microbes, and watch them eat and grow. Soon: mitosis, and some different microbe types and interactions.
A tile-matching puzzle game. Drag and rotate the colored tiles to make a nice square. Seems simple enough until you get to the last tile (as shown).
TetrUS: The towers never stop falling:
The patriotic Tetris. Includes high score list.
Jellyfish Lathe:
Just the thing for rendering that elusive minaret, onion dome, cnidarian, or anything else that's radially symmetrical.
Mandelbrot Explorer:
Spelunk in the colossal caves formed along the edges of the Mandelbrot Set! Includes a gallery of images.
Recursive circles form complex patterns. Sierpinski lives here, and there are traces of the Alhambra.
Asymptote - Fractal:
A simple fractal. For each height (y) there are (y) lines, evenly spaced. Many nested aysmptotic curves appear!
Fibrous root systems. An example of interesting shapes emerging from minimal code.

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